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How to start a meeting, invite participants, share desktop and enable its remote control

Welcome to! Let's start a new meeting by pressing the Start button. We create a meeting title and set a password so that only intended participants can join. The meeting starts immediately. No need to schedule it in advance, as it is always available for you when needed. At the same moment, the meeting information is copied to the clipboard, so you can paste it into email or chat clients in order to invite other participants. Alternatively, you can do that later, pressing this Invite leftmost button .

Since I’m the meeting organizer, I probably want to share some content with other participants as they are joining. I can do this by sharing my desktop via the second button from the left. I have to download this Desktop Control and start it. Only the participant who shares desktop, has to do this. Other participants don’t have to download anything, they will see that shared desktop in their meeting windows. Once application started, I press this Connect button. Then Select, to select the region of my screen I want to share. Alternatively, I just click on a window I want to share. Once I’m satisfied with my selection, I turn Share on. In a few seconds that part of my desktop is shared with all meeting participants.

If I want the other participants to be able to move my mouse and use my keyboard, I press the Control button now, or any time later. Note that this meeting button got an arrow . Whoever presses it, gets control over the shared area of my desktop. Although, as the owner of this desktop, I always have priority over remote meeting participants.

There are much more options here in the Advanced mode, which allows power user to tweak configuration settings. I can share my voice too, if I select the right microphone. This Advanced features can be turned off by going back to the Simple mode.

Watch the Full movie:

How to join a meeting, draw, type and show pictures, control remote desktop, play cards, use video phone

Let’s join this meeting as a participant. I got an email with the meeting link, which I can click to open the meeting window. Alternatively I can use this 4-digit code to join the meeting from website. It prompts for a password, which I have in email. And now I joined the meeting where somebody has already shared Excel spreadsheet. I can annotate the meeting content by drawing with a mouse and typing (click the typing spot first). I can even show pictures and photos, by pulling down the menu with handle, pressing this button first , then clicking the location I want my picture to be shown. All these annotations are happening on top of the shared content, which stays intact. All participants can see my annotations as they progress.

If I want to change anything in that shared spreadsheet, and its owner allowed that, I can press this second button with an arrow on it in order to get the control. I can now make changes in the document. Obviously, I can’t annotate at this time. All participants can compete for the control of remote shared desktop, but its owner has priority over everybody else. He can stop remote control of his desktop at any time. Only one desktop at a time can be shared by anybody who downloaded and started that Desktop Control. To get from control mode back into annotation mode, I press this second button . Now, once again, I can annotate. To erase all this mess, use eraser button . Or flip the page here, back and forth Shared desktop will stay, obviously.

When we all get tired from this business meeting, we can play a card game . Any game you want, does not enforce any rules, only looks after the fairness of the game, and shuffles the cards. You do it with this shuffle button. Double-click the card to make it private. That way, when you flip it over, nobody sees it. You can hold on the Control button to select multiple cards. You can move these cards any way you want, all participants will see that.

If I have a web camera, I can share it with all meeting participants. All participants on the meeting can see this camera. I press this button , and then confirm to use my camera and microphone. Another participant can also share his camera. Maximum two webcameras at a time can be shared. Obviously, you can use as a private video phone, if you invite only one participant. Only the two of you will see and hear each other, nobody else!

All these exciting features are available at absolutely free. With any questions please check Support and FAQs pages or email us. Enjoy Free Meetings!